JAC's Linked Live Event Marketing 
for Wombot Affiliates?


Getting Started with Wombot Live Marketing.

There are 2 types of Events. Affiliate Live Events & Retail Leads Live Event Marketing.

The affiliate marketing events are $50 per event the retail events are $75 per event. You must participate in the Affiliate event to be able to use the retail marketing events. 

Fill out the getting started form. JAC will send you an email and instructions for putting the email into your profile.


From time to time LinkedIn will make sure you are real and not being hacked because of new behavior. You might see this when you try to login to Linkedin. You just need to take a cell phone screenshot of your driver's license and add it and your profile will be restored within 48 hours.

There is also a chance they may ask you some questions.

Are you using a VPN? ~ Answer YES

Are you using a  virtual assistant? ~ Answer NO

Are you traveling outside of the US? ~ answer what is true

To get started fill out the Privacy Policy & return to JAC in PDF format please

Fill out the Get Started Form

We will send you an email & Instructions to put in your profile, as well as a invoice

This is a Privacy Policy you may use Change the details in RED and return to JAC in PDF format please

If you want LinkedIn to give you the Emails of the people who register you need a Privacy Policy and a LinkedIn Business Page. If you do not have Privacy Policy you are welcome to create and use this one.

Change the details in
RED to your company & send back to me in a saved PDF 

1st Affiliate Event
October 27th at 7PM CST

Once your profile is verified by JAC there is nothing for you to do. You should check the event in your profile often for group chat questions and see the status of registrants 

Linked New Profile Creation & Use Training