Frequently Asked Questions

What is LinkedIn® Live Events Marketing?

LinkedIn® Live Events Marketing is a live video (Webinar), giving you and your organization the ability to broadcast real-time video to select LinkedIn® professionals, or to the LinkedIn® universe at large directly through whatever broadcast platform you want to use.

Will LinkedIn Live events affect anything else I am doing in LinkedIn®?

Absolutely not. If you are sending messages or invites, posting etc Live Events will have no effect on anything else you do. We do Advise though your profile needs to be a real person. Especially now after LinkedIn® was hacked last year they are trying to protect users. Because of the increased LinkedIn presence you may be asked to verify your account with your driver's license or passport. Also if you use any automated programs for messages and invites we advise to discontinue and remove those apps. JAC uses no automated programs!


Do I need to have an upgraded profile with Premium or Sales Navigator to do LinkedIn® Live Marketing Events?

NO! A regular free LinkedIn® account is all we need.

How big is the audience that is available for me to promote for my events?

All of LinkedIn® can register & there are over 860 million professionals on LinkedIn®. LinkedIn® offers a link that can be used on any social media platforms you belong to also. We promote each event directly to 1st degree connections in a profile.

How does LinkedIn® Live differ from doing a webinar or video recording?

LinkedIn® Live Events allows you to build deeper connections and drive more engagement with the world’s largest professional community. LinkedIn® gives you a credibility that no other platform offers you. LinkedIn® promotes your events, sends out reminders and offers a "Events" placement for your events for all of LinkedIn® to find.


What do I need to prepare for such an event?

It’s simple!  Once you're registered & pay your invoice, we will send you a worksheet with details to get ready for your events. From there we take care of setting up your event and all of the promotions. All you have to do is show up and present on the scheduled date and time of the event!


How many connections do I need for this to work?

We can invite up to 3000 of your 1st degree LinkedIn® connections to your Live event.  If you have enough connections & only want a subset of your connections, we can filter on four (4) criteria - industry, location, company, and college. 


If I don’t have 3,000 LinkedIn® connections, how do I get broader exposure?

We will also invite from up to a total of 5 LinkedIn® Profiles for a universe possibility of 15,000 people per per event. You can use other people in your business or organization, colleagues or strategic partners.  


What if I have more than 3,000 LinkedIn® connections?

We will invite up to 3,000 of your 1st level LinkedIn connections to your LinkedIn® Live event.  If you only want a subset of your total connections, we can filter on four (4) criteria - industry, locations, companies, and colleges.

What about follow-up?

LinkedIn® gives us a message window with in the confines of the LinkedIn® event to reach out to attendees after your LinkedIn® Live event.  You provide us with the message content, and we will take care of the rest! We can send up to 1000 messages to all registered guest including 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree.


How often can I do a LinkedIn® Live event?

We recommend an event every 2 to 3 weeks.  We can only send out up to 1,000 invitations per week, so a 3-week interval allows us to send out 3,000 invitations.  We are not able to extend past 3 weeks because of demand for our services.


Can I get information about who registered for my event?

YES! LinkedIn® provides a CSV file which contains each attendee’s name & email.  It does not contain company name or telephone numbers. To receive the Email list the event needs to be hosted from a LinkedIn business page.

What else do I need to know?

JAC will provide you with a JAC email to put into your profile. From time to time LinkedIn® may send out a security code and if we login with your primary email and receive the code we need to get a hold of you. The code only lasts about 15 minutes. If we use our email we can answer the code and keep working.