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JAC Consulting
Premier Lead Generation & Prospecting Suite

Essential Tier

  • Gain 10-15 Handpicked LinkedIn® Prospects Weekly

  • Customize Your Search: Region, Position, Sectors, & Beyond

  • Broaden your horizons; engage with a wider audience than ever before!

LinkedIn® Engagement Strategy

  • Harness Authentic Connections from LinkedIn®

  • Consistently Acquire 10-15 or Even More Refined Leads Each Week

  • Amplify Your Success Rate

  • Fully Leverage Your LinkedIn® Experience.


Wondering what all the buzz is about?

Welcome to Linked Connection Marketing. Let us help you get 10 to 15 (or even more) of your precise prospects every week.

At JAC, we're genuine. No bots. No automation.

Everything is powered by REAL people.

Here's the JAC advantage in a nutshell: We amplify your visibility. Imagine a sea of potential clients seeing your messages every week!

Did you know? The average message read rate on LinkedIn® lies between 50% to 70%. For new connections, this number rockets to a whopping 90% to 95%.

With JAC’s Connection Marketing, we navigate this space ensuring you reach the prospects you desire.

Your role? Sit back and relax. LinkedIn® permits up to 100 new connection requests weekly. We ensure these are on-point by sending out tailored invites with personalized invite notes.

Our Services Encompass

  • Dispatching custom invites to 100 fresh prospects weekly for a year.

  • Flexibility in promotion: Choose from Keywords, Geographic Location, Job Title, Educational Institution, Business Sector, and more.

  • Need a LinkedIn® profile revamp? JAC's got you. Our profile optimization ensures you leave a lasting impression.

  • Struggling with follow-ups? We assist in designing impactful message sequences, structure, and content, ensuring you remain top-of-mind.

Make the most of LinkedIn® with JAC by your side!

 JAC Consulting Connection Marketing delivers solid prospects you want to be in front of every week!

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JAC's Prospect Marketing Package


$747 for 12 Months

Set up a meeting to discuss the details & when ready we will send an invoice & instructions to get started.

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