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LinkedIn Expert Consultant

JAC provides an annual LinkedIn consultancy service, unveiling a plethora of opportunities for your business on the platform. LinkedIn hosts a variety of robust programs designed to enhance lead generation, SEO, the visibility of your products or services, and much more.

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Using Linkedin for your business can be the most valuable option that exist in the digital world. Every business professional in virtually any business sector you want to be in front of is there. 

The real work is knowing how to use LinkedIn effectively. There are so many programs that are available to a business owner or professional. Setting up your profile correctly, setting up business or showcase pages, LinkedIn ads, straight up lead generation, relationship building, live events, audio events, direct messaging, newsletters, groups ~ I could go on and on.

How much time do you have to research and learn to use these programs? Or even to know what options could be best for what you want to achieve for your company?

JAC wants to be your LinkedIn Expert Consultant to help you navigate all things LinkedIn!

We will guide you through all programs & options that are available to you.


This is not just a 1 time meeting. JAC will be there for you for 12 months. As long as there is room on the calendar you are welcome to set time to let us help you.

Please let me give you my qualifications.

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I had the privilege of being invited to join LinkedIn in its inaugural month, immediately recognizing its distinctiveness from any thing out there. As LinkedIn experienced rapid growth, my professional journey evolved alongside it. Nineteen years ago, I launched my first LinkedIn business, continually evolving & adapting in tandem with LinkedIn’s expansions & transformations.

I was invited to join the LinkedIn advisory council, a collective of seasoned users whom LinkedIn sought to gain insights on user experience & program usage. My involvement extended to participating in every beta program, contributing to the naming of services, & aiding in the establishment of the LinkedIn community board. LinkedIn made an early decision to forgo a traditional customer service system, opting instead for a strategy allowing users to pose questions that were answered by experienced users like myself. Presently, this system is fully automated for inquiries, with Sales Navigator and Recruiter offering customer service options.

JAC has, at various points, offered services encompassing nearly every aspect of LinkedIn. Having collaborated with or assisted thousands of business professionals worldwide, I am confident in my ability to guide anyone in leveraging LinkedIn more effectively for their business.

My offer is for a yearly subscription of $200.


This will include personal one on one meetings with your company anytime you like. We can work on any & all aspects of LinkedIn you want hep with.


For example: 

~ I can do profile optimizations sessions for you or your whole company. 

~ I can help you set up manage and run LinkedIn events.

~ I can show you a road map for weekly lead generation that will bring you on average of 10 to     15 new prospects every week.

~ I can help you set up business pages, & or Showcase pages.

~I can help you understand how to use LinkedIn for your SEO efforts.

And Much Much More

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