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JAC offers a service of 800 Inmails every month for 6 months to garner leads for your business

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The most successful marketing on LinkedIn is sending Inmails if you have an upgraded profile. Inmails are read on average 72% of the time. Being in front of the right targets knowing they are reading your sales pitch is pure gold.

These leads are about the best you can be in front of also since they are business people investing in their business by purchasing Sales Navigator.

Most everyone does not know that with Sales Navigator you actually can send 800 Inmails every month.

We never use automation! We will create your lists and send out 800 messages each month. About 100 message per day for 8 days. The cost is just $400 for 6 months of messaging.

Build Real Connections

Gather Invaluable Insights

Boost Sales and Brand Awareness

Remember: It's all about strategic implementation.

Target the right audience: Research and identify prospects who genuinely need your solution.

Let JAC do the hard tedious labor.

We offer 800 messages for 6 months for just $400

These are messages to targeted people.

Let us know the exact targets you are looking for so we can see if we can fulfill 6 months of messaging.

You must have a Sales Navigator Upgraded profile

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