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 The Ultimate Prospect Generation & Lead Package
Low End ~ 10 to 15 Targeted LinkedIn® Prospects Every Week
Organize & manage connections with the 1st of its kind
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Linked Connection Marketing

~ Generate Solid Prospects From LinkedIn® ~
~ 10 to 15 or more Targeted Prospects Every Week ~

~ Close More Business ~
~ Use LinkedIn® To It's Full Potential ~


So what's the big deal?

Introducing Linked Connection Marketing. A service that delivers 10 to 20 or more of your exact prospects every single week. 

JAC never uses automation ~ what we do is done with LIVE people.


The biggest benefit that JAC's program offers you is simple! The huge number of people your in front of every week who read your messages! 

LinkedIn's® average message read rate is 50% to as much as 70%. Messages sent to new connections are read 90% to 95% of the time.

With JAC's Connection Marketing we do the work to put you in front of the the prospects you want!

JAC's will handle all the the work! LinkedIn® allows up to 100 new connections requests per week. JAC will send targeted, personalised invites with the add note option.

Our Marketing Includes: 

  • JAC will send targeted personalized invites to 100 new prospects each week for 12 months 


  • You have the option for JAC to promote by Key Words, Location, Title, College & Industry, type of business.


  • JAC offers a profile optimization service if you want us to help you make sure your profile is doing the best for your visitors.

  • JAC offers to help for you with the best ways for you to follow up with people with message flow, structure & message content. 


 JAC Consulting Connection Marketing delivers solid prospects you want to be in front of every week!

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LinkedIn® Connections Management


The first of its kind LinkedIn® profile organization & management system that allows you multiple ways to organize & manage your connections & all other leads, clients or prospects.


You can rate connections in several ways, create reminders for follow up, create buckets to separate your leads by city, title, organization, demographics ...whatever you could want!


You can easily view your entire message history with each connection. Display all data on each connection & more.

All to allow clients the real opportunity to harness the power that connections clients & prospects offer your business.

Features & Options

~ Create custom buckets to sort & manage connections

~ Add Tags for connections

~ Generate Connections & Sales Reports

~ Create lists for easy removal of Connections on LinkedIn®

 ~ Set Calendar Reminders for each Connection

~ See data for every 1st level connection

~ Load email lists to match LinkedIn® connections

~ Make notes on working with your connections

~ See your whole message stream with a simple drop down

~ Rate each connection for maximum benefit

~ And still more options


JAC's Prospect Marketing Package


$600 for 12 Months

JP Van Dyke